Boys getting an education

one of the kids favorite times of day is dinner. Mostly, its because I cook dinner 95% of the month that they are home and when they go to their grandparents one, or both, inevitably complains about the food they wouldn’t eat because it just wasnt right. Nightly, I make sure the boys have a protein-or two- amd plenty of veggies and fruits which I try to keep raw so they are able to preserve the vitamin integrity. I usually also serve greek yogurt a few times a week because all of us have trouble, “going,” in one shape or another and it keeps us regular. I am going to go back to posting our dinner options so that maybe you and your family might be inspired to make healthy choices. Amd remember we do this on food stamps…I have learned how to stretch the dollar. 😊

The only face we have gotten to see the entire time…nose and lips.

Tomorrow is a big day–tomorrow we will decide on Scout’s birth day. Like all of my children, for one reason or another, Scout is going to be induced as well. After hurricane michael and our ultimate displacement and home loss we also had to change physicians. The midwife that delivered all of my other babies was no longer in my network amd we had to use an MD who i havent really cared for but I had about 4 choices to choose from so ive stuck it out as we were already transferring to her at very near the third trimester. Long story short–I failed the one hour glucose test (as I jad all three kids previously) and she refused to let me take the three hour and made the call that i am diabetic and i have had to put up with finger pricking etc with blood glucose that has not once been above 87 an hour after eating. It has been a huge waste of my time and has ultimately allowed her to make the induction call for my health and the babies becaise they are also projecting Scout to be a big baby. Again, they have all been big 😂 I’m a big girl and i make big babies. Ah well. So we pick the date tomorrow.

I am hoping this visit doesn’t also include a cervical check as a previous appointment had. It was incredibly embaracing for me and highly educational for the boys. If youve never experienced one…I’ve added the link above. Imagine: taking all your kids with you to that appointment alone?

If you’ve never seen the CNN footage of Michael that i used in the link its worth watching so that you can fully comprehend the loss our family has endured. We rented and the homeowner still has no intentions of a rebuild. We lived right across tje street from the water with dedicated beach across the roadj and nothing to protect our home when the storm did come through. I am very thankful i made a last minute decision to evacuate…and again mostly because we knew I was pregnant and i didnt want to deal with me and Birdy amd the boys in hysterics. Ultimately, it was a great decision but one that has left us in a financial bind and needing basic and other needs for our home. We have both a GoFundMe and an Amazon wishlist if you are able to contribute in one way or another. My kids and I thank you. Obviously, some of the items on the wishlist are just that…wishes…but I think my reader is able to discern a necessity out of the list. 😊 Again, thank you.

And until tomorrow…truly, Sara

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